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Laughter works perfectly in any relationship, especially with your beloved partner. Perfect flirty jokes can do wonders in your love relationship. For those who are bad at flirting or looking for the corniest jokes, we got you covered. Check out our 50+ hottest pickup lines that are bound to get anyone to fall for you.

Starting from one of the most flirty jokes on the list. You can say it to your crush, girlfriend, or even with your wife.

. “I may not be a Dairy Queen, but I can treat you Right!”

. “Aren’t you tired of running through my mind all time?”

“Let’s flip a coin: if Head, I’m yours, Tail, you’re Mine. What say?”

“You make me Melt every time we have a conversation.”

“Let me tie your shoes because I don’t want anyone falling for you.”

This might be one of the flirty jokes for him you can try with your love even after years of marriage.

“Do you love grapes? Because you’re fine as Wine!”

“Your lap seems available, Can I sit on it?”

“If I’m hot, You’re the reason.”

Lewis Cowex

Lewis Cowex

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